In this series of five lectures each of the elements of theft are considered in detail. Issues considered include: Lecture 1: Appropriation – appropriation defined; forms of appropriation; appropriation and consent; the later assumption principle. Lecture 2: Property – limitations on the theft of land and things forming part of the land, wild plants and wild animals; theft of things in action. Lecture 3: Belonging to another – ownership, possession and control; theft by an owner; obligation to deal with property in a particular way; property got by mistake; lost and abandoned property. Lecture 4: Dishonesty – theft a crime of mens rea; s2(1) honest beliefs; the Ghosh test; Ghosh evaluated. Lecture 5: Intention permanently to deprive – intention to treat a thing as one’s own to dispose of; intention to borrow for a period and in circumstances equivalent to an outright taking; parting with property under a condition.

Duration: 115 minutes

Lecturer: Norman Baird

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