This series of audio presentations covers – in detail – the law relating to murder and involuntary manslaughter. In addition to the audio lecture presentations a number of self-test quiz questions are included.

As the lectures are extensive the recording has been split into separate lessons. The content of each lesson is displayed below.

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Common elements of murder and manslaughter

Lesson 3: Killing a foetus

Lesson 4: Introduction to causation

Lesson 5: Legal causation – general principles

Lesson 6: Legal causation – escape cases

Lesson 7: Legal causation – a reasonable act in self-defence

Lesson 8: Legal causation – medical treatment

Lesson 9: Legal causation – take your victim

Lesson 10: How to answer examinations raising issues of causation

Lesson 11: Murder – the mens rea

Lesson 12: Involuntary manslaughter – introduction

Lesson 13: Manslaughter by an unlawful act (constructive manslaughter)

Lesson 14: Manslaughter by gross negligence

Lesson 15: Manslaughter by gross negligence – a circular test?

Lesson 16: Reckless manslaughter

Lesson 17 Test yourself QUIZ including MCQs (38 questions)

Lecturer: Norman Baird

Duration: 160 minutes (approx)

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