UOL LLB: Pass rates and average marks – May 2019

University of London declines to provide information about pass rates, average marks and classes of degree awarded in 2019.

For a number of years I have submitted requests to the University of London under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for information about LLB pass rates, average marks and class of degrees awarded.

In past years they have very kindly provided the information and I have published it.

This year, however, they have declined on the grounds that “the statistics covered by your information request [is] commercially sensitive and therefore considered exempt under Section 43(2) of the Freedom of Information Act” as “disclosure would be likely to prejudice the University’s commercial interests.

The University states: “University of London Worldwide provide courses within a global market with competitors who are not subject to the same access to information legislation. The granularity of data requested provides a level of commercial intelligence which would prejudice our commercial interests to disclose.”

It acknowledges that section 43(2) is a qualified exemption and requires a public interest test and that “it is in the public interest for the University to be transparent about its course provision..” but concludes that this is outweighed by “the public interest that the University can provide its courses in a competitive environment without the disclosure of information that would be likely to undermine its commercial interests.

I intend to appeal against the decision and will keep you informed.

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