UOL Worldwide LLB: Average marks and pass rates by module: Oct / Nov 2022


The University of London has provided the average examination mark and the percentage of candidates awarded a mark of 40 or above (the pass rate) for each of the modules of the ‘worldwide’ LLB in October / November 2022

Module NameModule CodeAverage Mark AwardedPercentage of candidates awarded 40 or more (the 'pass rate')
Introduction to Islamic LawLA3028-0261.6996.30%
Conflict of LawsLA3014-0255.4396.43%
EU lawLA2024-0254.3293.57%
International commercial lawLA3009-0254.13100.00%
Laws dissertationLA3200-0252.33100.00%
Civil and criminal procedureLA3004-0251.2093.75%
Jurisprudence and Legal TheoryLA3005-0251.1890.75%
Administrative lawLA2008-0250.9691.79%
International protection of human rightsLA2029-0250.9086.51%
Public International LawLA3013-0248.8380.77%
Company LawLA3021-0246.2882.28%
Tort lawLA2001-0245.8478.43%
Commercial lawLA2017-0245.3476.07%
Equity and TrustsLA3002-0245.1583.37%
Introduction to criminologyLA2010-0244.3272.73%
Family lawLA2019-0243.7274.07%
Public LawLA1020-0243.6874.12%
Legal system and methodLA1031-0243.2274.07%
Criminal LawLA1010-0242.7172.77%
Intellectual PropertyLA3026-0242.6367.65%
Contract LawLA1040-0241.8665.72%
Property lawLA2003-0235.9443.69%
LLB Students, October/November 2022

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