UOL worldwide LLB: average marks and pass rates by module and mode of exam


An FOI  request was submitted to the University of London concerning each of the LLB modules. The information requested was the average mark awarded and the percentage of students who were awarded a mark of 40% or more

  1. in respect of students who sat the exam at a location other than an approved examination centre (in the table below headed”online”)
  2. in respect of students who sat the examination at an approved examination centre (in the table below headed “exam centre”)

In response to the request the University provided the information below together with the following important note:

“We have considered whether we could apply a S.43  ‘damage to commercial interests’ exemption under the public interest in this circumstance and have concluded that the material can be released with the following caveat:

When comparing whether the student sat their exam at an approved examination centre with ‘any other location other than an approved examination centre’ we were only able to source data for a category called ‘Online’ so it cannot be supposed that these students were sitting their exams at non-approved examination centres, but it is certain that they were not sitting exams at an approved examination centre.”

Module NameModule CodeAverage Mark AwardedAverage Mark Awarded% Awarded 40% or More% Awarded 40% or More
OnlineExam centre OnlineExam centre
Administrative lawLA2008-0251.8452.4488.51%92.64%
Commercial lawLA2017-0247.1542.4078.68%66.78%
Company LawLA3021-0247.3045.0384.34%79.27%
Conflict of LawsLA3014-0260.5258.2699.26%99.31%
Contract LawLA1040-0244.7042.6570.51%67.29%
Criminal LawLA1010-0241.9740.7065.81%63.37%
Equity and TrustsLA3002-0245.0043.7279.92%78.21%
EU lawLA2024-0254.1953.4093.05%93.53%
Family lawLA2019-0249.2843.5886.02%68.42%
Intellectual PropertyLA3026-0255.4224.0098.10%
International commercial lawLA3009-0254.1151.85100.00%100.00%
International protection of human rightsLA2029-0253.8951.0496.05%96.01%
Introduction to criminologyLA2010-0254.3052.0095.00%100.00%
Introduction to Islamic LawLA3028-0262.8759.68100.00%98.13%
Jurisprudence and Legal TheoryLA3005-0253.1150.9792.20%90.98%
Laws dissertationLA3200-0267.1462.3397.30%97.92%
Legal system and methodLA1031-0247.1547.0080.43%85.37%
Property lawLA2003-0239.0837.1656.68%49.18%
Public International LawLA3013-0250.9148.5189.72%72.73%
Public LawLA1020-0246.5047.0475.87%82.59%
Tort lawLA2001-0248.2544.9982.41%75.17%
Module NameModule CodeAverage Mark AwardedAverage Mark Awarded% Awarded 40% or More% Awarded 40% or More


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