In this lecture the contractual requirement of consideration is explained and analysed. The issues covered include: identifying consideration; the requirement that consideration must move from the promisee; sufficiency and adequacy of consideration constrasted;past consideration; pre-existing duties – public law duty, duty owed to third party; duty to owed to ‘contracting’ party; agreements to pay more; agreements to accept less.

Cases referred to include: Combe v Combe (1951); Tweddle v Atkinson (1861); Currie v Misa (1875); Chappell v Nestle (1959); White v Bluett (1853); Bolton v Madden (1873); Thomas v Thomas (1842); Re McArdle (1951); Lampleigh v Braithwaite (1615); Re Casey’s Patents (1892); Pao On v Lau Yiu Long (1980); Collins v Godfroy (1831); Glasbrook v Glamorgan CC (1925); Shadwell v Shadwell (1860); Scotson v Pegg (1861); Stilk v Myrick (1809); Hartley v Ponsonby (1857); Williams v Roffey Bros (1990); Foakes v Beer (1884); Re Selectmove Ltd (1995).

Lecturer: Gianni Vuolo

Duration of lecture: 46 minutes

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