Webinar – remedies


Bart has purchased from Anne the rights to salvage a ship reported to have sunk over a 100 years ago off the Juggernaut Coast,

Bart spent £100,000 refitting his ship for deep-sea salvage.

In addition, Bart contracted Gordon to refit the galley at a cost of £20,000. He instructs Gordon to build the galley with extra low units and appliances as Bart is very small. Gordon tells Bart that this will reduce the value of the ship on resale but Bart insists on the low specification.

When Bart sees the completed ship he is horrified to see that normal units have been installed. Gordon explained that he forgot and that ‘Kitchen Daydreams’ have taken photographs of Gordon working in the kitchen and given him a commission of £10,000 for them, which Gordon feels he could not have done if the units had been too low. Bart refuses to pay the £20,000 and discovers that it will cost £30,000 to have the galley replaced.

Bart travels to Juggernaut and after two weeks cannot find a ship, which in fact does not exist. Bart has spent £5000 on fuel in the search. Anne offers him the salvage of a ship only 10 miles away but Bart refuses, as he is distraught at the waste of time.

Advise Bart on his remedies against Anne and Gordon