Nuisance and Rylands v Fletcher Q&A

This recorded lecture applies the law relating to private nuisance, public nuisance and Rylands v Fletcher to a problem question.

Issues covered:

Private nuisance: who can sue?; type of harm needed – ‘sensible personal discomfort’; who can be sued; unreasonable interference; relevant factors – nature of the locality, utility, duration and frequency, abnormal sensitivity, malice; the requirement of a ‘state of affairs’; defences; remedies.

Public nuisance: definition; elements – act or omission, material effect, class of HM subjects; who can sue; damage; defences.

Rylands v Fletcher: definition; who can sue; accumulation; something likely to do mischief if it escapes; non natural user;  escape; damage; defences.

Duration: 52 minutes (approx)

Lecturer: Tracey Aquino

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