• Contract Law

    Contract Law is a compulsory module taken by all LLB students. The recordings here cover a range of frequently examined topics and include Q&As demonstrating how to apply your knowledge to problem questions. Lectures by Anne Street and Gianni Vuolo.

  • Criminal Law

    This series of lectures on Criminal Law cover a range of topic including general principles of criminal liability, attempt, offences of homicide, non-fatal offences against the person, rape and offences against property. Some of the lectures include interactive quizzes. Lectures by Norman Baird

  • EU Law

    EU law is a compulsory module for a Qualifying Law Degree. This category is a work in progress – more recordings to be added shortly.

  • Intellectual Property

    Intellectual property law protects valuable – often extremely valuable – intangible assets, whose importance to modern industry accounts for its popularity and topicality. This series of lectures will cover the most important topics.

  • Law of Trusts

    Law of Trusts – The aims of this series of lectures are to identify key subject areas that occur regularly in examinations, and highlight the main elements of each topic clearly and concisely.

  • Legal System & Method

    This series of lectures will address the central issues of relevance to Legal System and Method.

  • Property Law

    This series of lectures examines the various types of proprietary interest that can exist in land; their creation, acquisition, transfer and extinction and the extent to which it is possible to enforce those interests. Topics covered include mortgages, freehold covenants, easements, coownership and more.

  • Public Law

    Public law concerns the principles behind the organisation of the UK state and the legal limits to the powers of its principal branches – the executive, the legislature (Parliament), and the judiciary. In addition, it includes the relation
    between citizens and the state with particular focus on human rights in English law.

  • Tort Law

    Tort is a compulsory core module. The recordings here cover a range of torts and issues focussing on the most commonly examined areas and include Q&As which demonstrate effective methods of tackling problem questions.