UOL LLB: Pass rates and average marks May 2018 – Africa inc Mauritius

The table below contains information about the pass rate and the average mark awarded to University of London Undergraduate Laws students in Africa taking the LLB examinations in May / June 2018.

The ‘pass rate’ is the percentage of students awarded a mark of 40% or more.

Module codeModule Pass rateAverage mark
LA1010Criminal law54%40.7
LA1020Public law67%43.6
LA1031Legal system and method58%40.6
LA1040Contract law61%42.5
LA2001Tort law82%47.6
LA2002Equity and Trusts49%39.9
LA2008Administrative law50%37.6
LA2017Commercial law57%41.0
LA2019Family law65%43.4
LA2024EU law81%47.2
LA2029International protection of human rights75%43.7
LA3002Equity and Trusts21%30.9
LA3003Property law52%40.0
LA3004Civil and criminal procedure80%42.4
LA3005Jurisprudence and legal theory94%56.6
LA3013Public international law100%47.8
LA3014Conflict of laws100%55.0
LA3018Labour law57%43.1
LA3021Company law94%52.4
LA3026Intellectual property41%39.0
LA3028Introduction to Islamic law100%63.5
LA3200Laws dissertation100%59.3

COMING SOON: Information about the 2019 UOL LLB exam results including pass rates, average marks, number of firsts, upper seconds etc

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