Examination offences 2020


In response to an FOI request the UOL has disclosed that the marks for more than one percent of LLB scripts in the 2020 summer examinations were withheld from publication in October as they were being investigated for a suspected assessment offence.

Based on an estimated total of 50,000  scripts this amounts to more than 500 suspected offences – a significant increase on the number suspected of an examination offence in 2018 and 2019.

There were notable differences in the core modules with the largest percentage of suspected offences in Public Law (2.88%) and the lowest in Criminal Law (0.29%).

All LLB modules1.02%
Core modules
Public Law2.88%
Equity & Trusts (3003 - 02)1.16%
Property Law (2003 - 02)1.09%
Jurisprudence & legal theory 1.09%
EU Law 1.06%
Equity & Trusts (2002-02)1.04%
Contract Law0.88%
Tort Law0.41%
Property Law (3003 - 02)0.37%
Criminal Law0.29%

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