Tort part A 2020 – Turton: ‘Informed Consent to Medical Treatment’

This recording is a detailed guide to Gemma Turton’s article ‘Informed Consent to Medical Treatment Post-Montgomery: Causation and Coincidence’ Med Law Rev. 2019 Feb 1;27(1):108 which is the subject of compulsory Part A of the Tort examination 2020.

The recording begins with an outline of the legal context in which the article is set, which will be particularly useful to those students who have not yet studied the areas of the law of negligence to which the article relates.

The content of the article is then examined in detail, focussing on the main points made at each stage to enable students to prepare most effectively for the exam. Complex concepts and arguments are explained using straightforward language.

Duration: 67 minutes (approx)

Lecturer: Gianni Vuolo

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