Compulsory questions UOL exams 2021

Recordings for the compulsory questions in the UOL LLB exams in 2021.

  • LSM
    • Parts A and C of the 2021 exam: This is recording of a live webinar and is designed to prepare candidates for Part A and Part C of the LSM examination 2021. More information
  • Criminal Law
    • Property Offences Q&A – A  series of problem questions involving liability for property offences. More information
    • Theft – The five elements of theft are considered in detail. More information
    • Fraud – Covering the offences of fraud and obtaining services dishonestly   More information
    • Criminal Damage – The offences of simple damage, aggravated damage and arson are considered. More information
  • Law of Tort
    • Tort Part A: This recording is a guide to Professor N.A.Moreham’s article, ‘Unpacking the reasonable expectation of privacy test. More information
  • Jurisprudence
    • Lee V Ashers Baking Ltd; Dworkin; Liberalism. This presentation was recorded as a live webinar conducted in April 2021. More information